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There are two boys called Conner and Harvey. Conner has to go with his grandparents on a trip to the south island in a camper van and his best friend Harvey goes a long with him. They think this trip will be boring but they are corrected when conner gets a weird email. Thay also meet some new people called Frank Brown , Ryan and Ryans girlfriend Kylie. I like this story because it is kind of boring but near the end it gets very exciting.  My favourite charater is ethier Hannah or Kylie because they are both very nice and very helpful. I think people who like books about mysterys and who likes to read very fun books.

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  1. Good review Tahlia – you’ve given a good summary of the plot. I did get a bit confused when you said you enjoyed it but it is kind of boring? Do you mean it was boring to begin with and then got better? Also, your last sentence doesn’t make sense – do you mean people who would like this book would be people who like mystery books?

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