“Where are we going ? This is boring” Said Gemma.

“We are going to see the ice caps” Repiled Gemma and Hermiones mum.

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps melted?” Asked Hermione

When they got to the ice caps there was a lot of wow and magnificent because noone had seen them before.

“It is just a huge ice cube”said Hermione. They hopped back on the plane when they got back home everyone was talking about it. They asked there mum why everyone was so happy, she said that they were the first ones to see it.

100 Word Challenge

I was walking with my friends to school like any normal day. I stoped suddenly because I saw a white minuscule fluffy ball I stopped and picked it up and realized it was not a ball it a kitten. I to go to the closed house of which I knew the onwer and asked if they could take care of the kitten because I had to go to school. We got to school and ran to our first class which was science. We got to our seats the teacher didn’t notice because he was holding sticky washing and a calender.

Novel Review

There are two boys called Conner and Harvey. Conner has to go with his grandparents on a trip to the south island in a camper van and his best friend Harvey goes a long with him. They think this trip will be boring but they are corrected when conner gets a weird email. Thay also meet some new people called Frank Brown , Ryan and Ryans girlfriend Kylie. I like this story because it is kind of boring but near the end it gets very exciting.  My favourite charater is ethier Hannah or Kylie because they are both very nice and very helpful. I think people who like books about mysterys and who likes to read very fun books.


Ash was walking with her friend when she saw this huge building. She was wondering if to tell her friend or not . They were learning about a tower the tower ash had saw on the walk to school. When they were walking back she asked her friends if they could see the tower. They all said no but Emma she could she the out line but the others said they were hollucinating. Emma and Ash said they were going to the tower at night. When they got to the tower they were surprised to see a human at the door.

Favourite Novel

I have read a lot of books and I have two favourite books.My two favourite books are Anne of green gables/ Anne with an e. The other book is Heidi they are both similar books. Anne of green gables is when a brother and sister want to adopt a boy but instead they get a girl. Heidi is about a girl who goes to the city and meets a girl in a wheelchair who might die but she goes with Heidi to the country and that helps her and she started to work.

Holiday review

In the holiday, on the 23th we went to Tapanui and went to my Nan’s funeral. We came back on Monday, then the next day we went to Dunedin. We went to the mall and then me and my siblings went to the cinema to watch peter Rabbit two. The next day was my brothers birthday.

Term 1 Review

We have been doing a lot of things over the term. My three favourite things this term was doing the art activities, when we played called ki o rahi, and haversting the potatoes and pulling the weeds out from our school garden.

My learning this year is much better especially with my writing because I normally only write half a page but this year I have been able to write one page or more. My explanation writing is much better because before I did not under stand what to do.

The one thing I found hard was with my maths I have never been that good amy timetables but now I can do most of my timetables and my maths but I have got a bit better.

My favourite quotes

My favourite quote is from a book called The girl with the lost smile.

A smile



but is one of the

BEST gifts

you can

give anyone.

It is important to me because I think everyone should smile every day and I think people should try to be happy.

I got the power

If I could change three things I would change;

1.Get rid of covid-19. By making everyone go in to Lockdown and I would get people to social distancing.

2.Make people have screen time.To make sure people don’t spend to much time on devices because some people spend all day on there devices and some people go on there devices in the night.

3.Get rid of  pollution because animals think some things are food and eat it then and then they might die.