I got the power

If I could change three things I would change;

1.Get rid of covid-19. By making everyone go in to Lockdown and I would get people to social distancing.

2.Make people have screen time.To make sure people don’t spend to much time on devices because some people spend all day on there devices and some people go on there devices in the night.

3.Get rid of  pollution because animals think some things are food and eat it then and then they might die.

10 things about me

1.I have three sibling

2.My favourite colour is green

3.I can twitch my eyelid

4.I have read all the books at my house

5.I like cats more than dogs because you don’t have to walk cats

6.I have been to te papa

7.My favourite number is 56

8.My favourite thing to do at school is reading

9.I have lived in four houses

10.I want to be a cook when i am older

My growth mindset

I think a growth mindset is when your mind thinks positive thoughts. When you learn new things or when you try something new and try again even thought you might get it wrong. I have a growth mindset because I thought I con’t get across the river even though there were rocks I could use to get across.

That was Summer-by Tahlia

Remember when you were stuck in

The car all day long

Then when you got to your grandparents, there 

Was nothing in the house

Then the next day you had to carry 

Alot of boxes up to the 

Third floor and back ?

That was summer.


Remember when you had to go

All the way to Tapanui and back 

In one day

 and When you got to see your grandparents 

Brand new house?

That was summer.


Remember when it was 

Raining all day long

And then the thunder and lightning started 

Then all of a sudden thunder was 

Right above your head while you were inside ?

That was summer.


By Tahlia


I am looking forward to go to camp at boyle river because it sounds like a lot of fun. Also i am looking forward to my uncles wedding in tapunui.